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About tcloud

With tcloud, you will never have to worry about back-ups. Once enabled, tcloud automatically backs up all data from your device. Your tcloud data can be accessed through any smartron device

Never lose your data

At its core, the idea that powers the tronx environment is the user’s convenience. We believe in making the user’s data available at any access point that the user wishes it to be
By applying an adaptive intelligence engine, we ensure that the smartron ecosystem is always available for your data. Minimal pain points and conveniences galore, data access worries are now things of the past

Access across devices

By intelligently detecting and authenticating associated device, all the relevant information is made available across platforms in the blink of an eye. The user exercises control over the data, enabling it to overcome the limitations that platforms and devices often end up imposing
In the immediate future, tronx will also provide complete rights access to the owner of the information, giving them the last say in where and how data is served and interacted with

Safe and Secure

Tronx intelligence is modelled to be available easily – only to the right owners of information. At each stage, multi-point checks ensure that miscreants are not given access to any data; core or otherwise. Various layers of authentication and security ensure a seamless and perfect sync. This safety net protects all devices and platform access points in the tronx universe; extended to all elements – individual, as well as in the mesh

Privacy policy

Our privacy policy has been crafted to make life easier for everyone
Our systems are founded on the belief that every user’s data is sacred. User data is afforded all the protection it requires, thus ensuring that there is no misuse of any kind
No assumptions are ever made and ambiguities are resolved with the user’s consent. In the event data is transacted upon, the user is made aware to the maximum extent possible of all the impact points that exist. Permissions are obtained and rights are clearly defined
When data has to be shared with a third party, explicit consent will be obtained from the user. Any changes in policy will be intimated to the user prior to execution
We aim to be transparent and put in place a non-convoluted system. If there is a particular privacy concern you do not see addressed, here or on the forum, you can write to us on info@smartron.com and a team member will be more than happy to bring the matter to a satisfactory close
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