internet of trons



The machine learns the master. tronX platform learns your preferences and behaviour to give you intuitive user experience across devices. Leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, tronX entertains you, finds you the best deals on flights and stays, books cabs, saves you time & money and above all, talks to you!

Quintessential Smartron

tronX is so deeply integrated across all Smartron devices that you would never have to get tethered to one device. It’s completely seamless

tronX takes care of everything, Do more with life!

With the tcloud’s unlimited storage, you will never have to worry about back-ups.

tcloud automatically backs up all your settings, photos, contacts and even messages
Automatic & seamless back up is available across all Smartron devices and can be accessed through any browser on any device
Extremely stringent, safe and secure encryption protocols for all your data

Help is just a tap away with the inbuilt 24x7 assistant in all smartron devices

With tcare, you can log all your service requests instantly and seek direct individual help through calls
Share your screen as you interact with a tcare executive and troubleshoot online
A nationwide network of tcare outlets. Doorstep pick ups and drops in select cities