The story so far

It is a well known narrative. Certain ideas find believers, people who take them to the masses ensuring a better quality of life. The believers need not be the biggest but devoted to the concept with the strongest passion and conviction. Smartron found its inception in a thought. The thought became a burning desire to build a strong “product” ecosystem in India that can compete globally, despite many innovation infrastructure challenges. We wanted to accomplish this through very unique “aggregation” and “acceleration” of innovation on the back of the IoT wave, which is as big if not bigger as mainframe, PC and mobile waves of the past.

Over the last couple of years, our teams in India and across the globe supported by global investors, have been quietly working on some very exciting things for life. We are not building another food or restaurant or real estate app. We are not interested in building another market place or services company. We don’t like to take singles. We want to take a big swing to the fence for a six even if we are clean bowled in doing so. We are here to take risk and build real products and platforms that deliver amazing experience to our customers. We are “engineers at heart”, building “smart things for life”. Come join us on this journey to bring out change.

Our vision

Smartron India Private Limited was founded with a vision to build three big stories. 1) India’s first global brand with focus on innovation, design, engineering, products and platforms. 2) tronX, an intelligent connected platform for India and the world offering highly customized and personalized experiences, services and care through next gen of smart devices for various IoT verticals. 3) A robust product ecosystem around tronX through a collaborative global open innovation platform that aggregates and accelerates the pace of innovation.