Technology crafted to perfection for a seamless experience.

tronX lets you weave your hardware and software into an advanced experience, unlike any other. Get personalized updates on your phone, control your bookings through voice recognition and track your fitness routine!

Need to leave work at 7:30 PM? tronX is already booking a cab!

tronX learns your daily routine and memorizes it better than any other app. It reminds you of upcoming events in your calendar, suggests a good time for you to begin your commute to work, prepares a personalized playlist for your workout routine and more!

Forget typing, just talk to Maya!

Maya is our voice technology based on tronX. Maya knows 154 million facts, knows weather in cities across the globe, suggests events nearby you, read you news or play you blockbusters. So why not talk to her? Forget typing, all you need to do is ask. Maya handles wireless home networking, entertainment, home shopping, energy management and home security. All you have to do is tell her what you need.

Getting healthy never looked this easy!

Our fitness app based on tronX tracks the steps you took, the hours you slept and your blood pressure too! Keep your fitness goals high as you get in shape with the help of the efficient app, powered by tronX!

Productivity across devices, now made easier!

tronX provides you a seamless computing experience, bridging the Windows-Android gap. That is exactly what we have done with our tronX technology.

“The day has begun, and a lot has happened around the world!”

Catch up on daily news without missing the important happenings of the world. tronX identifies your preferred news channels, likes and dislikes about the world and filters it all out for you!

“You might want to carry an umbrella!”

Worried if it can rain cats and dogs on you on a Monday when you step out in your pale blues? Don’t worry, we got you covered! Get weather updates every minute and hour of the day before you step out anywhere!

“There is a resort in the forests of Coorg you haven’t seen yet!”

With our voice recognition, all accents sound the same. Always a good listener, we got your back with hotel bookings, best flight deals, you name it. Just speak into your microphone and your request will be processed immediately!

“Charulata is based on the 1901 novella Nastanirh (The Broken Nest) by Bengali author Rabindranath Tagore”

Maya is like the best friend you need when you have something on your mind? Integrated perfectly into tronX, Maya will work faster than your brain to get the answers you need before you even complete your question! Ask her anything, she answers back!

“Stock prices have dropped drastically in the last 10 minutes. Find out what is going on”

Maya is an all-seeing bot, she just knows! We have her tracking stock markets, sport scores and even celebrity gossip! Get all your entertaining stories from around the world, exclusively from Maya!

“Not going out this Friday night? Party at home with Kygo instead!”

Thanks to tronX, you can enjoy a lifetime of movies, music and anything personalized, just for you. No sharing! There will be no need to download a hundred apps just to hear your favourite track! It’s all here, with tronX!

Powered by tronX

Smartron is committed to building an advanced ecosystem for all Indian devices, with 'Powered by tronX' program!

This partnership is our first step in the ‘Powered by tronX™’ program to extend the tronX™ ecosystem to third-party brands. The program is aimed at giving partner devices, whether they are smartphones or any electronic device, access to tronX™’s assistive and predictive AI capabilities working seamlessly to give highly intelligent and personalized user experience. tronX™ is India’s first AI-powered IoT platform and through this partnership, Smartron will extend all capabilities of tronX™ to the users of the Billion Capture+ devices in the future.