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Welcome to the world of tron community where users, developers and the company can engage in productive discussions, exchange ideas, and share best known methods to improve the quality and the overall experience of Smartron products and thereby improving the productivity, safety and lifestyle of the community.

The incorporation of user feedback has been an important part of Smartron’s organisational and product development culture. We are proud to see that our online user community has grown to be a warm, open and friendly one. Whether you want to report a bug, request a feature, discuss the future or technology or just say “hello”, you’ll find many of us here at Smartron spend quite a bit of time interacting with our users on our online forums. We welcome you to join the community today and be a meaningful part of the conversation.
Smartron is delighted to introduce a very unique community based "open innovation platform" to co-create and collaborate on building a strong product ecosystem. We already have several teams both in India and around the globe working on very interesting products under this model. Powered by tronX program is part of Smartron’s one of founding objectives to create open innovation platform to accelerate and aggregate pace of innovation and build a robust product ecosystem in the country. As such, we are opening up all APIs, SDKs for tronX ​.​ If you have a product that is in development stage and that you need a platform like smartron's tronX or have an idea that needs funding and further development, please submit your details here
The world has benefited much from academic research. There are innumerable stories of influential companies that grew out of spin-offs from academia. Students and researchers from academia can bring to the table a perspective that might sometimes not be perceivable in straight-jacketed corporate cultures. We, at Smartron, believe in constant and impactful collaboration with academia. One such example is our collaboration with the Centre for Human Applied Reasoning and Internet of Things (CHARIOT) at the University at Southern California. We are constantly looking at more collaborations that will advance the state of the art and seed our next round of product ideas. We will soon be introducing tronX based AI and IoT training and development platform specifically designed for the use of various academic and research institutions to innovate, skill, upskill and reskill.