The smart and slick electric Kick-Scooter

The smart and slick electric scooter - All new electric kick scooter to experience short-range rides from a new dimension. t.kick electric kick scooter provides compact and ecofriendly rides that are ideal for large private spaces.

  • Good riding posture
  • Extended foot board design

Ease of access.

t.kick has a maintenance free strong V-neck design that allows rider to enjoy a hassle free ride.

Ease of access.

t.kick offers the best in class loT module and features a 3 in one button control to enhance the user experience. When a user scans the QR code, the loT module will send an update to the backend server. With an onboard G-sensor, now you can monitor every movement of your scooters.

  • GPS tracker
  • LED Display
  • Head light
  • Easy QR code scan
  • 3 in one button control
    * speed adjustement
    * head lamp on/off
    * stop ride

Boost your business with our Power packed Smart motor.

t.kick is equipped with the smart motor locking. The compact motor is integrated within the 8.5 inch solid tires. The efficient system makes sure this scooters are always on the run.

  • Max Speed
  • Climbing angle

More the range means More the rides & More the business

t.kick features a removalbe battery pack with waterproof grade. Add more batteries to your fleet, swap the battery packs and never let your scooter stay out of business hours. Stay ahead of the competition with

  • Range
  • 13Ah Li-battery

Brake with confidence

t.kick is equipped with Disc Brakes and offers best braking performance.

  • Better road grip
  • Disk brake
  • Disk brake guard