tronX is a deep technology platform combining human and machine intelligence to power AIOT, EV, Autonomous and Web3 world built on 5G, IoT, AI/ML, Robotics and Blockchain technologies. tronX platform has numerous built-in capabilities from User & Device Management, Data security & privacy, Data/Voice/Video storage (tcloud), Context aware conversational voice assistant (Ok, MaYa), IOT Connectivity, AI/ML Engines, real-time data intelligence & analytics engines, Network Security & Management, Unified user experience across form factors, seamless integration of many 3rd party content and services, and to many more.

tronX platform is designed and optimized to power various applications from personal mobiles, smart homes, smart cities, edutech, health, energy, agritech, fintech, retail, EV fleets, and to autonomous systems delivering highly personalized and intelligent experiences. “Powered by tronX” is tronX Platform as a Service available to everyone. Smartron’s own apps and services, from thome for intelligent home, thealth for health and wellness, tbike fleet management, tminus smartphone launcher, trex for energy storage management, MaYa services, tstore and to tcare are already powered by tronX.

Smart Home

Personalized Intelligent and Smart Home Experiences through voice, text, touch and gesture interaction. Energy Management through smart switching, lighting, appliances and curtain controls. 24/7 security Alerts and monitoring with play, record and replay options using data from doorbells, cameras, and sensors. tlife 360 degree customer care and engagement via tcare, tstore and maya services.

EV Fleet Management

Range of AI and IOT driven rider, operator and fleet management features for rideshare and delivery companies. Remote lock/unlock, asset tracking, asset utilization, geo-fencing, battery status & nearby charging stations. Real-time data intelligence driven analytics and dashboarding for fleet operators to make the best business decisions. Advanced Driver Assist (ADAS) and Autonomous features to improve safety, efficiency and efficacy of EV fleets and last mile connectivity, Unified platform supporting 2W, 3W and 4W vehicles


Bringing “Gurukul” style highly personalized teaching and learning to “classroom” masses. Offering highly intelligent, secure, safe, and curated environment for students, parents and teachers. Accelerate digitization of schools and get schools ready for new age of personalized, immersive and hybrid learning and teaching. Seamless integration of many 3rd party services into “school management system” to make management, parents, teachers and students’ life easier and efficient. Driven by real-time data from various sensors, camaras and edge devices, delivering real-time tracking, intelligence and analytics

Smart Health

Health and Wellness monitoring and management. Holistic view and dashboarding with data coming from wearables, home healthcare devices, gyms, diet, and hospitals. Prescription and other health & wellness recommendations and reminders. Nutrition and dietary plans. Yoga and exercise assistant. Remote consultations with doctors, hospitals and pharmacies and scheduling and managing hospital visits and care. Health insurance plans and premium payments. Health and wellness store

Smart Cities

  • Building Management System
  • Asset tracking
  • Smart Metering
  • Security Monitoring
  • Street Lighting
  • Inventory management

driven by real-time data from various sensors and edge devices, delivering real-time intelligence and analytics. Ideal for companies playing into smart cities, smart campuses, smart stadiums and smart spaces

Personal Mobile

tronX launcher running seamlessly between your Android Smartphones and Windows Laptop. Personalized experiences with the tight integration of MaYa Services from paying bills to booking shows to booking a cab to booking a flight ticket to streaming a movie to playing a game to getting domestic help or a technician to consulting a doctor to trading stocks to getting a tutor for kids. Context aware , unified dashboard of all the data from your home, personal, commute and office devices