AIOT Digital Transition and Transformation Services (DTTS) offers digital transition and transformation services (DTTS) to businesses globally to deliver transformational digital products, solutions, services and experiences for wide range of markets and applications powered by Smartron’s tronXTM, an AIOT platform with unique Cloud and Edge SW capabilities and a broad HW portfolio in the areas of 5G, IOT, AI/ML, EV and Autonomous Systems, to make the world more smart, intelligent, productive and safe.

  • Smart Home

    Personalised Intelligent and Smart Home Experiences through voice, text, touch and gesture interaction.

  • Smart Classrooms

    Offering Smartboards, Tabs, Laptops, Cameras, Wifi Access Points, Asset Tracking And Other Iot Sensors.

  • Smart Hotel / Hospital / Office rooms

    We have an offering readily available to smartify office, hotel and hospital rooms.

  • Smart Infrastructure

    Driven by real-time data from various sensors and devices, delivering real-time intelligence and analytics.

  • Health and Wellness Management

    Holistic view and dashboarding with data coming from wearables, home devices, gyms, diet, and hospitals.

  • Battery and Energy Storage Management

    Sourcing, manufacturing & supplying range of Li-Ion battery cells & packs to EV & Energy Storage companies.

  • Personal Mobile Devices & Accessories

    Delivering connected devices building on the strong legacy of designing and launching 5G mobile devices.

  • Fleet Management

    Range of AI & IOT driven rider, operator & fleet management features for rideshare & delivery companies.


Leverage our world class manufacturing and supply chain solutions

Our strength in manufacturing is for everyone else too

Smartron factories works on resources optimization by offering World-class supply chain and manufacturing solutions for electronics industry. In view of new age technology, we have specialized our supply chain based on blockchain and production facilities are upgraded to INDUSTRY 4.0 standards. We are producing high value products with high precision machines at our facility while medium to low value goods are outsourced to a pool of reliable OEM partners such as Foxconn, Wistron, Dixon, Flextronics and many more. We strive to work on INDUSTRY 4.0 standards with upgraded technologies such as High Precision Robotics (HPR), additive manufacturing, blockchain, Artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of things (IOT), Cyber security, Big data analytics and green energies.

  • Supply Chain Management

    We have extensive support offices in US, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Singapore.

    We provide expertise solutions in procurement, negotiation, Quality inspection & material movement from one corner to another.

    we can offer competitive pricing along with shortest lead time on the globe.

  • Manufacturing Services

    From vertical integration perspective, we have wide range of partner pool for tooling, molding, press shop, paint shop and PCB manufacturing.

    SMT - We provide high speed, high precision SMT services. Assembly - With do assembly of high value products in our facility Our facilities are located in Hyderabad, India

  • Consultation Services

    We provide expert solution for IOT technology & Lithium ion battery technology including Electric vehicles & energy storage.

    We help you convert your manufacturing facilities to INDUSTRY 4.0 standard

Turnkey 4G/5G device design development.

Experience in the design and development of many 4G/5G devices and production of more than quarter million units.


Building the next generation of IoT device ecosystem for rapid development and go to market.

Bringing reliability, ease of integration, security, and scalability for diverse IoT solution.


Best in class AI/ML expertise deployed for human good.

With socially relevant solution utility on ML, Deep learning, computer vision, LP, and cutting edge use cases, we cater to diverse application both at a government as well as at an individual level.


Relevant ADAS/ AD expertise for tomorrow’s e-mobility solutions.

We deploy ML/ Deep learning, ADAS/AD Algorithms, Edge computing Computer vision for Powering the features expected in the next generation of e-mobility vehicles.


Multi-level, Multi spec, and full-spectrum embedded system expertise.

Leading service provider for D&V, FPGA / emulation services, embedded software and hardware PCB.