Turnkey 4G/5G device design development.

Experience in the design and development of many 4G/5G devices and production of more than quarter million units.


Building the next generation of IoT device ecosystem for rapid development and go to market.

Bringing reliability, ease of integration, security, and scalability for diverse IoT solution.


Best in class AI/ML expertise deployed for human good.

With socially relevant solution utility on ML, Deep learning, computer vision, LP, and cutting edge use cases, we cater to diverse application both at a government as well as at an individual level.


Relevant ADAS/ AD expertise for tomorrow’s e-mobility solutions.

We deploy ML/ Deep learning, ADAS/AD Algorithms, Edge computing Computer vision for Powering the features expected in the next generation of e-mobility vehicles.


Multi-level, Multi spec, and full-spectrum embedded system expertise.

Leading service provider for D&V, FPGA / emulation services, embedded software and hardware PCB.